1300 Wheel Balancer

The Direct Drive Series combines the accuracy and durability of Coats’ Direct Drive system with an exclusive set of easy to use balancing features designed to get the job done right the first time, every time.


Motor and spindle are combined into a single assembly that always stays calibrated to zero. This eliminates the need to frequent calibration and delivers a superior balance result.


Behind the Spoke mode allows you to hide the Tape-A-Weight behind the spokes of a decorative wheel quickly and easily. This keeps the weights hidden from view. Now balancing more complex wheel designs is faster and easier than ever before, plus you maintain a clean look on custom wheels for maximum customer satisfaction.


Static-on-Screen is an exclusive Coats feature that simultaneously displays both static and dynamic unbalance data. This provides a final quality check to identify any excess residual static unbalance, a leading cause of vibration complaints.


Part Number: 80013002D, 80013002D01
Shipping Weight: 639 lbs.
Footprint: 66″w x 60″d
Rim Diameter: 8″–30″
Rim Width: 2″–20″
Tire Diameter: 44″
Shaft Diameter: 40mm

Service Tech Tools & Equipment is proud to offer a full line of Robinair Auto Refrigerant Products.


robinair3A/C Recover, Recycle, Recharge Machine –

Hybrid and Non-Hybrid

  • One machine to safely service both conventional and high voltage A/C systems.
  • Menu selectable function that gives the user the ability to clear any residual oil from the A/C Recover, Recycle and Recharge machine’s fluid circuit and hoses minimizing risk of oil cross contamination.
  • Meets new SAE refrigerant recovery standards J-2788 for high voltage compressors.
  • A/C capacities database (optional)
  • Automatic air purge.
  • Recovery accuracy +/- 1.0 oz.
  • Charge accuracy +/- 1/2 oz. Higher accuracy for today’s low volume A/C systems

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Cool-Tech 34788 A/C Recover, Recycle, Recharge Machine

The Cool-Tech 34788 combines simple operation with superior accuracy. It recovers, recycles, evacuates, leak tests, and recharges R-134a quickly and accurately. Fully automatic function lets you recover, vacuum, leak test, charge, and then walk away.  SAE J2788 compliant.


  • Fully-Automatic Function: Program to recover, vacuum, leak test and charge without operating panel valves.
  • Automatic Oil Drain: A display reminds you to empty the graduated container to show the amount of oil to replace.
  • Oil Inject: Less than 1% cross-contamination.
  • Optional Refrigerant & Oil Database: Includes A/C Charge and Oil Capacities for North American market vehicles.
  • Vacuum Leak Test: Monitors level after evacuation, informs of possible leak.
  • Automatic Air Purge: Eliminates damaging air without monitoring gauges or opening valves.
  • Automatic Refrigerant Refill: Maintains a user-selectable amount of refrigerant in an internal vessel and signals when it’s time to change supply tank, no monitoring required.
  • Vacuum Feature: Defaults to 15 mins, programmable up to 99 mins. “Remaining time” is displayed.
  • Multilingual Display
  • Refrigerant Management System: Displays refrigerant use and monitors remaining filter life. Prompts appear when 1/3 of filter life remains.
  • Recovers 20% More Refrigerant
  • Charge Accuracy +/- 1/2 Ounce
  • Control panel offers flat storage feature when not in use
  • Two large tool storage areas
  • New 2X larger display makes the 34788 easier than ever to use
  • Built-in storage for extra filter
  • On-board storage for compressor oils



bus lifts

 100% North American Made Mobile Lifts Products

PKS Truck Lifts

PKS is well known for our Quality Workmanship and Customer Service. We have over 40 years experience, collectively, in the Lift Industry. PKS is a Leader in lift Innovation, utilizing a wide range of the newest technologies in lift controls and hydraulic fluid power. We manufacture a wide variety of lifts for use in maintenance shops. Our product line includes Heavy Duty 4-Post Drive on Lifts, Portable or Mobile Column Lifts, Scissor, 2-Post and In-Ground Lifts.

Quality & Efficiency

PKS manufacturing and design utilizes High-Tech CAD systems to simulate our lift’s operation while still in the design state. We test our products under numerous temperature and structural stress conditions using Innovative Methods. These test systems lead to cost savings and enhanced superior quality. Our standard designs and our ability to listen to our customers, propels PKS to lead the lift design industry.


Everything PKS produces is built to the ANSI ALI-ALCTV-2008 Standard for Automotive Lifts Safety Requirements for Operation, Inspection and Maintenance. PKS is a member of the Automotive Lift Institute. The majority of our lifts have been tested and certified to meet or exceed the ETL requirements for lift safety. ESA certified controls are available on request. PKS is also registered as an ISO 9001 company.

PKS Lifts specializes in manufacturing garage lifts for large trucks and buses. We are well known for our high quality and high weight capacity vehicle lifts. We specialize in lifts that are made for large trucks, mining equipment and buses, we do also offer garage lifts for cars and light trucks.buslift

All of our lifts are fully manufactured with 100% North American parts and steel, while also meeting and exceeding all current Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Standards for vehicle lift construction testing and validation. Due to the fact that we make our heavy-duty lifts here in Ontario, we ensure the ISO 9001 compliant quality process from start to finish. With over 50 years of collective experience in the lift industry and our long list of satisfied customers, we are so confident in our lifts quality and durability that we have boast the best warranty in the lift industry.

We offer a comprehensive line of automotive lifts and car lift accessories that are inspired solutions that create increased shop efficiency and enhanced revenue potential. Specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of two post auto lifts, four post lifts, in ground car lifts, mobile column lifts, short & mid-rise lifts, motorcycle lifts and home garage lifts.

Quality Lifts raising your level of performance with professional grade lifting solutions. Reliable automotive and truck lifts. Quality lifts use commercial grade design and construction combined with user friendly features and benefits.
Call for more information 800-522-9289

Quality Lifts

Quality’s 4 models of Motorcycle/ATV & UTV lifts
Touring the country side, bike shows or whatever the reason everyone wants their toys in tiptop shape. Quality’s 4 models of Motorcycle/ATV & UTV lifts are professional grade perfect for commercial dealerships down to the weekend warrior to assist in maintenance and/or bike customization.

Quality’s 4 models of Motocycle/ATV & UTV lifts


• Integrated symmetric/asymmetric design delivers two choices for optimum vehicle lifting
• Three-stage telescopic front arms for maximum reach and vehicle coverage
• Adjustable height and width options accommodate varying service bay sizes
• Double Telescopic Screw Pads adjust to multiple heights minimizing the need for adapters
• Single point safety lock release and two hand lift lowering for fast and safe operation
• Padded overhead shut off system prevents vehicle damage from being raised too high
• 48˝ elongated carriage design decreases load on bearing
• Stack pad lifting system adapts to both cars and trucks without the need for extra adapters
• Available 2´and 3’ extended column enables technician to work at an ergonomic height when servicing taller vehicles

Ammco 2 Post Lift

Used Ammco 2 post

The Yellow Jacket Refrigerant Management System (RMS) is the simplest, easiest-to-use A/C service center helping technicians meet today’s tough service standards.

The RMS 37880 Automatic provides full cycle recovery/recycle/evacuate/recharge to bring the vehicle back to factory specifications. Plus, it’s fully compliant with SAE J2788 requirements.

RMS 37880 Capabilities:

  • Built-in oil injection
  • High or low side charging
  • Fully automatic air purging to constantly monitor and purge non-condensables
  • Fast tank refills with no hose changes
  • Automatic tank conditioning to ensure a proper charge every time with no need to start the vehicle during charging
  • Refrigerant management system that keeps track of information on A/C service work
  • Built-in self-diagnostics
  • Maintenance reminders for oil and filter changes
  • An LCD alerts technicians to change vacuum pump oil and filters
  • Automatic scale calibration to +/- 0.25 oz. exceeds industry specifications and results in accurate charging every time
  • Single-pass filtering system
  • Automatic shut-off for full tank and high pressure
  • Heavy-duty shock-resistant scale for accurate charging
  • Two-stage, 3 or 5 CFM vacuum pump for fast, high-efficiency evacuation
Yellow Jacket 37880 series

Yellow Jacket 37880 series

Yellow Jacket 37880 series

Other Yellow Jacket systems available please call for more details 800-446-2254

  • Installation of 10K Lb 2-Post Lift by Authorized Quality Lifts Installer.
  • Service bay must meet minimum space requirements.
  • Concrete must meet minimum structural requirements.
  • Air and electrical power are not part of installation.
  • Electrical connection must be done by a licensed electrician.
  • Includes freight offload coordination, oil, setup, testing and training.
  • If Service Tech Installs Lift 1 Year Labor Warranty
  • Please call for pricing 800-446-2254

Quality Q-12 12,000lb Lift

  • ALI/ETL Certified Truck Lift
  • High Rise Auto Lift
  • Telescoping Truck Lift Pads
  • Symmetric Truck Lift
  • Adjustible Overhead Height
  • Single Point Lock Release
  • Blue Powder Coat Paint
  • If Service Tech Installs Lift 1 Year Labor Warranty
  • Please call for Installation pricing 800-446-2254

Quality Adapter Kits for Q10 & Q12

Stack Adapter Kit for Q10 & Q12

Stack Adapter Kit #10318

Part# 10318

Kit includes

  • (4) 3″ Stack extensions
  • (2) 6″ Stack Extensions, &
  • (2) Organizer Racks with hardware.
  • For hard to reach Pickup Points.


U-Shaped Adapter Kit for Q10 & Q12

U-Shaped Adapter Kit for Q10 & Q12

Part# 10315

Kit includes

  • 4 Frame Enagaging Adapters.
  • Excellent for Truck Lifting.
  • Prevents Damage to Pinch Weld.
  • Can be used with 10315 Kit.

Nussbaum Power Lift SPL 10,000

NUSSBAUM, with more than 60 years of experience, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive lifts and testing equipment for passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles. Through continuous innovation, product development and manufacturing, we have become a valued partner for service centers, parts departments and body shops for products supporting the automotive and trucking industry.


The Power Lifts SPL 10,000 is a hydraulic 2-post lift with a lifting capacity of 10,000 lbs.
The lift has rigid top connection and no baseframe.

Advantages of the Power Lift 10,000

  • For safe lifting of passenger cars, as well as long wheel base full size pick-ups
  • Reliable and powerful through 2 pulling hydraulic cylinders, which are integrated in the columns
  • Asymmetric lifting arms, asymmetric carriages – free access to the car doors.
  • Controllable lowering speed trough  manually controlled lever
  • Adjustable width top beam

Functionality and Safety

  • Telescopic lifting arm
  • 2-pulling hard chromed hydraulic cylinders
  • Electromagnetic locks as safety devices


  • External power unit for the use in a washing bay or outdoor (compressed air supply is required)
  • Three piece stackable adapter set
  • Fire galvanization for corrosive environment (for the use in a wash bay)
  • Power supply 208/230 V and 460 V/3 phase

Nussbaum Jumbo NT – Space-Saving Lift

Nussbaum Jumbo Lift Space Saver

Nussbaum Jumbo Lift

Ideal Space-Use Through Jumbo Lift

Working with column lifts requires more space. Increase your productivity by using the models of Jumbo NT. They can be installed in as little as 10″, meaning 5 Jumbos can fit into the some area as 4 traditional lifts with no cumbersome columns to work around.

Advantages of the Jumbo Lift

  • A productive working area with optional space-using – the most reasonable solution from an economic point of view
  • Free space all around the lift
  • Fast lifting and lowering times
  • Free access between both platforms
  • No connetion between both platforms
  • Lift safety through polymer pads, which also protects the vehicle’s underbody
  • Above-ground installation or in-ground installation possible
  • Extending ramps allow for an additionl 24″ of platform length of
Tsunami 10Hp Regenerative Dryer


Tsunami 50 CFM Filtration Package #6


Tsunami Breathing Air Panel


Tsunami Drains


Tsunami Air Hose Couplers Blow Guns


We carry the full line of Coats.

Wheel Balancers


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