Great used Coats 1001 Direct Drive Wheel Tire Balancer calibrated
and ready to go! Really sturdy 3 phase balancer that will keep your
customers happy!

• Cycle time 10 seconds (avg.)
• Tire/Wheel Weight 56 pounds max.
• Wheel Diameter Range 4 to 34.0 inches
• Wheel Width Range 2 to 18.6 inches
• Maximum Duty Cycle 40 wheels/hr @ 56 lbs.
• Balancing Increments Normal Mode 0.25-ounce (7 grams) Fine Balance Mode 0.01-ounce (2.8 grams)
(5-gram increments from 5 to 50 grams 10-gram increments from 50 to 100)
• Motor – Modified torque with 850 RPM rating, large housing for heat dissipation, and heavy duty
insulation for high temperature applications.
• Exclusive Direct Drive System – No Pulleys or Belts
• Balances Most Automotive Wheels
• Single-Spin Dynamic Two-Plane or Static Balancing
• Vertical Wheel Mounting
• Back Cone and Front Cone Mounting
• “No Bolt-Down” Installation
• Scratch Resistant Control Panel
• Easy-to-Read LEDs and Displays
• Automatic Calibration
• Removable Shaft Stud
• Automatic Rim Gauge Return
• Dynamic, Static, and Alloy Operating Modes
• Solid State Motor Controller
























Husky Pro 30 gallon 2HP air compressor. This is a very quiet 110v vertical air compressor.

MiST In-Car Air Quality Service
MiST treats the air we breath inside all vehicles regarless of year, make, model, mileage or condition. You owe it to your customer’s health and well-being. You can’t afford not to put a machine in your shop and start selling the MiST service tody.

“Studies have shown that the air inside a car can be a more hostile environment that our workplace or in our home.”  Connie Morbach, Environmental Scienist as reported on the Today Show


MiST In-Car Air Quality Service