This is a Used, working Branick Model 500 Nitrogen conversion tower with an 80
gallon tank. This system is great to fill up tires. The nitrogen doesn’t expand
so the temperature doesn’t affect the PSI in the tire. This makes sure the pressure will always be the same
making tires last longer since they will always be on even pressures.


Like New, thisUsed Auto Lift  4 Post Bendpak Lift. This lift is powered by 220V single phase and has air locks. It is a super nice auto lift that is practically brand new and half way assembled already! Great for turning one parking spot into two or for working on anything underneath your car! The maximum car tire opening is 76 3/4″


Bendpak 4 Post Used Auto Lift

Heavy Duty_Half_Ton_Tranny_Jack

Heavy Duty 1 1/2 Ton Transmission Jack. This heavy duty half ton transmission jack is used, but in great condition. This transmission jack would make a great addition to a home garage or auto repair shop!


Used T-Tech Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine this is in working condition. This transmission fluid exchange machine will make a great addition to your auto repair shop services.

MIni-Max _transmission_Fluid_Exchange

Mini-Max Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine that works off of the battery of the car
you are working on. Comes with the hoses that are attached to the machine and the battery cables to
operate it, but it is missing the adapter set to use on various cars. Other than that the machine works
great and is very compact and easy to move around. Has easy access new and used fluid reservoirs!


This Du-All Coolant recycling machine is for sale. This machine is used but in great
condition and doesn’t come with any other adapter than the ones on the machine.



















Accuturn Drum and Rotor Brake Lathe With Table model 8894

Accuturn 8944 Drum and Rotor Brake Lathe in great working
condition comes on a special made table for this brake lathe to hold all of your
adapters and spacers. This brake lathe was taken care of and serviced
regularly since it was made.


Kwik-Way SBM100S Balancer in excellent condition. This balancer is extremely accurate.

Coats_XR _800_Diagnostic_Automotive_Wheel_Balancer

The Coats Model XR 1800 is one of their newest Diagnostic Automotive
Wheel Balancers and allows you to solve the toughest balancing problems in
the easiest ways. The XR 1800 makes it possible for technicians to check every
wheel for conditions such as runnout that can make balancing difficult. A
complete diagnostics package runs with every wheel balance, adding just 2-3
seconds to the process, and notifies the technician if there is a problem that can
affect balance quality.
-Complete diagnostic suite for radial runout and other key issues to solve
difficult vibration problems. Adds just 2-3 seconds to cycle time. Fast enough
to use with every balance.
-Real-time 3-D animated graphics and visual cues provide a simple user
interface that promotes proper balancing techniques and faster floor-to-floor
-Auto data entry, direct Tape-A-Weight locator, and behind-the-spoke mode
simplify balancing today’s wider, low profile aftermarket tires.
-Highly accurate sensor system replaces an outer arm, increasing productivity
and reducing machine wear.
-Onboard air supply for quicker rotation and balance jobs.
-Adapter carousel, high volume weight tray, and side storage pegs mean
accessories are readily available.
-Positioning pedal holds location at 12 o’clock for proper weight placement.
-Multiple operator feature allows up to four technicians to work at once.
1 3-D and 2-D modes. Provides clear directions and operator prompts for easy
balancing. Simultaneous display of static and dynamic data identifies any
excess residual static imbalance.


Great used Coats 1001 Direct Drive Wheel Tire Balancer calibrated
and ready to go! Really sturdy 3 phase balancer that will keep your
customers happy!