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Fluid Dispensing Systems

Service Tech Tools & Equipment is proud to offer the full line of Balcrank Fluid Dispensing Systems. These systems include pumps, tanks, hose reels, control handles, fluid inventory control systems, diesel exhaust systems, & used fluid equipment.¬†Balcrank is one of the oldest manufacturers of automotive products.¬† Many of the methods and devices used in lubrication service today stem from the primary patents of Balcrank and its engineers. Whether you’re looking for a new fluid dispensing system, parts, accessories, or used equipment Service Tech Tools & Equipment is your source for all Balcrank products. Clcik on the link below for the full line of Balcrank products.


  • Evacuation pumping systems
  • CenterFlo AODD
  • Roughneck Drains
  • Premium Duty Drains
  • Spillguard Drains
  • Truck Drain
  • Rolling Pit Drain


  • Lynx Series Pumps
  • Pride Series Pumps
  • AODD Pumps


Tank Packages Available


  • Evolution
  • Classic
  • Premium
  • EV/EVX


  • DR Series
  • Classic Series


  • Director Jr.
  • Fusion 2.4
  • Synergy


  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid


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