Coats XR 1800 Diagnostic Automotive Wheel Balancer

Coats_XR _800_Diagnostic_Automotive_Wheel_Balancer

The Coats Model XR 1800 is one of their newest Diagnostic Automotive
Wheel Balancers and allows you to solve the toughest balancing problems in
the easiest ways. The XR 1800 makes it possible for technicians to check every
wheel for conditions such as runnout that can make balancing difficult. A
complete diagnostics package runs with every wheel balance, adding just 2-3
seconds to the process, and notifies the technician if there is a problem that can
affect balance quality.
-Complete diagnostic suite for radial runout and other key issues to solve
difficult vibration problems. Adds just 2-3 seconds to cycle time. Fast enough
to use with every balance.
-Real-time 3-D animated graphics and visual cues provide a simple user
interface that promotes proper balancing techniques and faster floor-to-floor
-Auto data entry, direct Tape-A-Weight locator, and behind-the-spoke mode
simplify balancing today’s wider, low profile aftermarket tires.
-Highly accurate sensor system replaces an outer arm, increasing productivity
and reducing machine wear.
-Onboard air supply for quicker rotation and balance jobs.
-Adapter carousel, high volume weight tray, and side storage pegs mean
accessories are readily available.
-Positioning pedal holds location at 12 o’clock for proper weight placement.
-Multiple operator feature allows up to four technicians to work at once.
1 3-D and 2-D modes. Provides clear directions and operator prompts for easy
balancing. Simultaneous display of static and dynamic data identifies any
excess residual static imbalance.